Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kaos in Internet

I call this Kaos in Internet
There is so much information on the internet aswell communities that have their own meanings.
My piece just shows a small portion of the internet community and how it has grown to it's own.
I also notice apon working on this peice how the negative space  played such a large part to this art work. The negative space would make it's own shape no longer being negative space.


  1. You have so much going on in this project that i would think you have something to capture everybody's attention. It looks like you had fun with this and i can't wait to see your animation.

  2. Paul,
    Nicely done! These are indeed very busy and chaotic. I particularly like the areas where you effectively break through the conventional use of the rectangle to frame the image elements. The pop sensibility throughout these works functions to highlight the plethora of imagery, memes and viral information that flows at us daily.


  3. Holy cow! There is definitely a whole lot going on here! Its very cool how this mixture of cartoons, newsprint and photographs blended to make something very eye-catching. Loved how you cut out the little cartoon stick figures-- looks almost like you doodled them on top. The 'Suck my Dick NASA' was a nice touch, too.

  4. Hi Paul, your youtube video mixer is rofl. the pokemon guy and baby played together is so funny. crazy fun time accomplished! i like the boom chiki boom video with the bird too! good combo