Monday, October 10, 2011

Assignment 5 Reenactment

I chose to do the first 45 secs of "Music Of Your Own"

The player will show in this paragraph

Here is my Reenactment. What I felt from Vikki Bennett was her sarcasm, she showed me that something serious but it really wasn't, as if the creators of the original film were out of touch with the real world, and so it can't be taken seriously. So I took it one step further than Vikki Bennett's version's intent. I wanted to bring back that old feel as did original video presented. I also wanted to make it more happy, so what made me happy at the time was sockpuppets. The original was concidered a "lo-fi look" It wasn't really on purpose so I did it on purpose by edititing the video. I did that by adding effects such as grey scaling but changing the color to a light purple and then adding the bumby screen and spotty look. To give it that old feeling.


  1. Paul,
    A fun take on the original! I do hope you made the effort after our critique to take a closer look at the work of the artist in question. It is really important to go further than simply reworking the original without knowing why the work was made in the first place? A big part of studying art is to consider intent and meaning - context - why did these artists make this piece? And what do you intend to provide to us as viewers of your recreation?

    Please resize your video embed of the original piece to fit your blog!

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  3. (Sorry, seemed to have accidentally deleted my post from before)...
    Paul, really fun and humorous piece. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the sock puppet on screen portraying the little girl. I am curious, though, as to why you chose to use a sock puppet instead of human actress (or possible actor...)? Was it to portray more humor in the video?

    On another note, I do like the use of distorting the video to make it similar to the original. Great job!

  4. I loved this video, it is so bizarre and humorous, using the puppet was a great idea!