Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Alterations can be fun!

I'm not a fan of Fox News, it is a very biased source of media. I was thinking of making some thing that proved how incompotent they can be, but instead I chose to just poke fun at them. The reason is that I didin't want to make people mad or shove the truth into people's faces, what I wanted to do was have fun with the project and get people to laugh. People are so wrapped up in finding the truth after the lies I wanted to just lie so people can relax and laugh. We have too much stress on our selves and these are the people who are making that stress, so I chose the theme that is supposed to relieve that stress. Here is the Original.
For my next piece I have to say was very rushed, I had an idea of using bus advertisements but the placing of the advertisements and their angel were concaved and too much light shined on them for me to take a decent picture, so I simply got a picture of a directional sign and added "AND CAKE." The joke contrives from the video game Portal, and for those who have played the game or know what I speak of we all know that the 'Cake is a Lie." It was simple but a fun idea.

1 comment:

  1. The stair sign is perfect and I think it would be really cool if you actually went through with it and recorded people's reactions. I don't know the game your referencing but I think it still works just the same. Just because it is a simple idea doesn't mean it isn't strong.

    I like the idea of your website intervention but agree with what was mentioned in class that it would be much stronger if you applied it to the actual Fox News site- you're almost there- really you'd only have to play on the logo which would be fun with your triple x idea. I definitely like your approach to poke fun at Fox News with humor.