Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trashy Record

So I have an old mannequin head that was left to me by my former roommate. He said he stole it from walmart years ago, I think he just found it in the dumpster. I want to center my piece around my mannequin head and make a heavy head set walkmen. it's like a what if we did carry around records before kasset tapes. So here are my Ideas through sketches.
Basically this idea isn't a headset that is mobile, its just a what if the needle moved instead of the record. And here is my other Idea.
So this is more easier and mobile, but it would be very uncomfortable. But really thats the whole point and it wouldn't make a very good sound, but I'm not trying to make a very good sound in the first place. Both ideas has the fan as a main rotor and things attached to it. The mannequin head just adds the human to the piece.

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