Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Critical Play 381 GameMaker- "Truth" Tagger

In Truth Tagger the objective is to get to different add's and build boards and tag the supposed truth on to them. The Character let's call it "Tagger" for my level has to avoid the Men in Green who hurt Tagger if they touch him. Tagger can avoid the Men in Green by jumping and flying with his to spray cans or Tagger can whip out his pepper spray and render them useless. Through out the level Tagger will have to find advertisements and add the truth with it altering the image. Each image will be altered with facts or thoughts on the advertisement. The Idea is to get people to think for themselves instead of having the advertisements do the thinking for them. Yes, some advertisements aren't that bad, but there are some that use scare tactics to sway the public's opinion, or to sell product with out telling what it does.

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