Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kiel Johnson Lecture 1

This artist probably speaks the most to me when it comes to his work. His attention to things isn't that sporadic as I thought but more of a memorial of his past work. His drawings on every single thing that he owned was his way, to me, saying hey remember my past work? But he did it in such a way that it wasn't over emphasizing every single piece but that as a whole. When he moved on to box cameras I felt like a child or something small moving in to a bigger world. Thanks to Kiel I feel like a kid again be surrounded by large cameras and wondering how do they work. His ideas moving on to Box Robots shows that he too listens to his inner child, and getting younger students to put so much effort into their work shows how much charisma this man has. To inspire so many students to put so much work and imagination in to their final product is just so inspiring to see. Kiel never seem to skip on the details, if he was remolding some thing out of cardboard and the original object had a flaw, you bet he would put that in to his work. It's good to know that he is willing to accept the flaws in some thing and try to remake it, doing so makes him seem like a down to earth kind of guy and a master artist if he can repeat what was originally done by accident. Kiel Johnson is an inspirational artist, he gains every one's attention and pulls their inner child to come out and play.

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