Thursday, May 10, 2012

Screening Culture Jam

Culture Jam is about a group of artists that go to billboards at night and alter them to be more truthful than they are. Not just bill boards but performers would also spread the word of how companies can be the route of all suffering when they are profiting off of it. Each group had their own story to tell. One Group Bill Board liberation front, refused to show their faces to camera in fear of being sued or charged for the damages that they did. People begin to take notice of their actions and start sending emails to see if they can join, the BBLF refused them but encouraged them to take action themselves are start making their own social groups.There was reactions of the populous thanks to reverend billy against the Disney store, one woman was upset that her shopping was disturbed while another older lady at the same time was appalled to hear that Disney Store uses sweat shops. The reaction of the public really makes this documentary the icing on the cake. Hearing so many points of views and at the same time hearing ones I never expect to hear made this very interesting to watch. Though there are some points I disagree with the artists on some things in the end I feel we have the same ideals where as companies should be telling the truth about their product instead of trying to distract us from it.

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