Thursday, May 10, 2012

JoAnne Northrup Lecture 2

JoAnne was the curator of the next gallery expo showing students submitted digital media works. Before we went to the exhibit, she spoke of her life becoming a curator. She was finishing grad school for her art degree and really wanted to start curating. The problem was that it is really difficult to get in to that kind of work. She would get survival jobs and continue to submit her self to galleries to get work. Eventually she was able to be an assistant at a gallery and she climbed her way up to her goal. She selected my groups work to be shown in the exhibit she had placed in the Shephards gallery thanks to Joe Delappe for submitting our work. She discussed how much she enjoyed the new technology creating art. She liked it so much she gave Me Sam and David an award for our Machinima World of OZ. I was the only one there to receive the award and to be congratulated on our work. JoAnne said that our work was like a remaking of the original, bringing an old style classic and making it Modern. I was more than happy how our work was viewed by JoAnne and makes me think what else I can do for the next project.

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