Monday, December 10, 2012

Machinima Expo 2012

I watched the Machinima expo on the last day of the showing. From what I saw there was a lot of use of the second life avatars. The First Machinima I watched was by Josep Kwong. I didn't see the title because the the stream was having trouble setting up connection. It was using the digital map from the video game star wars rouge squadron and sprites from second life. There was one live actor and I believe that was Josep Kwong himself. It was pretty enjoyable except for the acting, I hold a standard to acting, and I feel the voice actors and Josep Kwong were lacking in their performance. As artist don't you want to show your best for your work? It's just a thought. Crash Cody: Conqures the Moon using second life, the credits went way to fast for me to tell who made this. This was about the misadventures of Crash Cody a space captain in the old 50's style scifi show. It was a comedy and the use of timing with the Second life, using off camera sound effects you can really tell these guys knew how to use the space accordingly and efficiently. The acting was better than the first movie but still lacking, though this was a comedy and I don't think they were going for an oscar nomination. The third and the last I'll talk about was The Melancholy resistance, by Edgar. I missed the rest of his name because the credits were still going to fast. This piece was using second life but in a surreal horror sense. It reminded me of a tim burton movie. Edgar uses a players perspective to tell his story, using imagery of death and war and decaying of people, Edgar narrates with text book knowledge of a cell reacting to a virus. I had to say this piece was an interesting way to look at war and famine with life and death.

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