Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prospectives '12

Prospectives '12 a Combination of science and art. When I watched the presentations it felt more like a performance than any thing else. * My Favorite would have to be the first performer Zach Zubow. The use of high tech machinery with the use of simple cardboard boxes, Zach was able to perform tribal like music that went from calm to war like. It was interesting how his piece didn't break any of the cardboard boxes. He really got my blood pumping with the music he was making, and that is what music is supposed to do, give you some sort of reaction and Zach's gave me a positive one. * My Second favorite piece would have to be the one by David Simons the talking snow ball. This was really brilliant in using some sort of camera that responded to one color only. David took out the the tin foil made puppet that said "Hi" and moved it back and forward while the audience watched what the camera is seeing. What I saw was a black static, you could see movement but very little of it. When the tin foiled puppet appeared it was so bright. This also triggered a noise making response, which is seemed similar to a Geiger counter that reacts with noise to radiation. It seemed to me that the tin foil was able to reflect a fair amount of light to create such a reaction from the camera. This is was truley Science and Art smashed together.

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