Tuesday, December 18, 2012

War on Christmas

This is the final project of the semester. I have chosen to do the Fox News War on Christmas. This project has not only fox news reporters putting their foot in their mouths in an out of context way, the video uses all kind of special effects and tools of war. Paul Stufkosky Artist's Statement: It is as no surprise that I do not like Fox News. Reporters are people who are supposed to report on situations around the world with out bias and opinion. Fox News doesn't do that, in fact they create their own news by taking little information they find and spinning it out of control. Fox News isn't they only News organization that does this such as MSNBC, CNN, and ABC news. Since tis the season, Fox News creates it's own news. They go so far as to create their own war. Their War on Christmas is a way to tell the viewers that White Christian Americans are under attack and are victims of liberalism and secularism. A war that was created by Bill O'Rielly and other Fox News "reporters", whom, when don't get their way Christian American's like them are victims, or if their religion isn't displayed in every corner of America they are under attack. Fox News will constantly take things out of context just to prove their point. This piece shows clips of Fox News out of context, like Fox News has done so many times in the past, as a way to say this is pointless and terrible way to tell the truth. Just like this "War on Christmas," it is pointless to make yourself a victim when you never were one. I use clips discussing the war on Christmas over and over again with the Christmas Classic The Nutcracker's "Trepak."I wanted to show that these "fears" are silly and in fact petty. That this "War" isn't a war at all, and calling it a war is insulting to the people who actually suffered and died in an actual war. Bill O'Rielly's campaign is a shallow and obtuse, trying to be a hero when he has only depicted him self as a villain. In the end Bill O'Rielly just reminds me of a Lex Luthor, creating an enemy out of fear and ignorance. Fox News says there is a "War on Christmas," but if it's anything like their slogan "Fair and Balanced," then this war is obviously a fairy tale.

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