Monday, December 10, 2012

Paul Demarinis

Paul Demarinis is a digital media artist that uses light that I have never seen before. From what I saw he had to have been and engineer or electrician, because the way he manipulated light was very intriguing. One that I saw was under a bridge in what looked like Italy and he set up lights that reacted to sound and placed them all the way down the tunnel. When sound would happen the lights would react to show people this is what sound looks like. He should that since you really can't see sound you can see what effect it makes when it happens. When he clapped down the tunnel, the lights would come back and forth like a wave. This was intriguing because it now seem to me the sound was almost like water at this point. The lights would show ripples of the sound waves. Another piece which was amazing to me was a laser machine that was making glow in the dark prints of a monkey. There must to have been something with the paper to make it glow like that and the attention to detail by the laser was perfect. Another one of my favorites was the laser that played a record, it amazed me to see how that light was able to create any sound at all. Paul's work shows a correlation of light and sound, how they can work together or work against each other.

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