Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paul's Crazy Fun Time Paul's Carzy Fun Time was at first an attempt to make a musical sequence. The porblem was I had no idea how to compose one. So I had my friend Chris McClindon, my pet bird Kati, and my self making noise for the camera. From there I thought to myself what Pro. Rozenburg says. "What If." So what if I try adding random clips to my beats and see if that would create some sort of mealody that the user could think of that I couldn't. I'm hoping for a possitive feed back.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 3 New Age and Old age Digital media

1) What if I wanted to draw a picture, and with that picture scan it to my computer, alter it, and use it only for digital media only. Would that constitute itself to be New Age Digital Media or still old age digital media? 2)Are we as a society making it too easy for us to produce art, or are we at a breaking point where we as people are getting too lazy to preform baeutiful works of art because we have computers to do it for us? Or are we on a verge of a new evolution of media where certain things can be preformed by push of a button where others would take years to master because of new possibilties in Digital art?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Assignment 5 Reenactment

I chose to do the first 45 secs of "Music Of Your Own"

The player will show in this paragraph

Here is my Reenactment. What I felt from Vikki Bennett was her sarcasm, she showed me that something serious but it really wasn't, as if the creators of the original film were out of touch with the real world, and so it can't be taken seriously. So I took it one step further than Vikki Bennett's version's intent. I wanted to bring back that old feel as did original video presented. I also wanted to make it more happy, so what made me happy at the time was sockpuppets. The original was concidered a "lo-fi look" It wasn't really on purpose so I did it on purpose by edititing the video. I did that by adding effects such as grey scaling but changing the color to a light purple and then adding the bumby screen and spotty look. To give it that old feeling.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chapter 2 Video Art Questions.

Chapter 2 Video Art Questions: 1) Paik was the first to use video in his art work, his first being the Pope, did he go through public scrutiny from the church and it's followers? Was it ignored as another artist trying to make it big? Was this form of Art considered blasphemic with in the church? 2) When video came about, did the idea of abstractive play consume the ideals of the artist to a point where we as a veiwer questions the artist sanity?