Monday, April 2, 2012

Critical Game Play 381 Games from the web This is the game I chose to play and discuss. This Game is basically a Fast paced game where you strip people while they are in the metal detector. You take away items that appear in the box in the left hand corner and you make sure all those items are confiscated before you let them on board. While this is happening the line gets longer and you have to get faster. You take too long it's game over. This Game plays on the fears of post 9/11 and how much we as individuals are being striped away of our privacy for the sake of being kept safe.

Video Game Concept 381 Critical Play

Our current project is to make a game and here was my first thought on the what characters we could use.
Since the idea was a child, I made four possible candidates. Now the idea has shifted to a more unisex character
This is my Uni sexed Character design for the Critical Game Play video game. This character shows mystery to who he/she is, I chose this look more for my benefit for my level. I wanted to make a suspicious look so it goes well with my level of tagging advertisements. My Level is a side scroller like Megaman, and I even used one of the Megaman backgrounds to bring more depth. The front of where the character will be walking is all made by me. I plan to make it with more shadows but I wanted to show the basic idea of what I am trying to do.
This is it as a whole so far, I will add shadows and texture later. The red boxes are where the signs that will be tagged by the player. I wanted to make more than one route and be able to back track to other parts of the level. Certain area's will have to be reached by Flying, that will be done with spray cans propelling the character up ward for a limited time, similar to Super Mario's cape or Tanooki Tail. I want the player to have fun with this so there will be enemies all over the place, the player will spray them with pepper spray like the cop from the UC Davis incident. I also will make the end of the level available to the player any time he reaches it so he can move on to the next level.