Thursday, May 10, 2012

Screening Culture Jam

Culture Jam is about a group of artists that go to billboards at night and alter them to be more truthful than they are. Not just bill boards but performers would also spread the word of how companies can be the route of all suffering when they are profiting off of it. Each group had their own story to tell. One Group Bill Board liberation front, refused to show their faces to camera in fear of being sued or charged for the damages that they did. People begin to take notice of their actions and start sending emails to see if they can join, the BBLF refused them but encouraged them to take action themselves are start making their own social groups.There was reactions of the populous thanks to reverend billy against the Disney store, one woman was upset that her shopping was disturbed while another older lady at the same time was appalled to hear that Disney Store uses sweat shops. The reaction of the public really makes this documentary the icing on the cake. Hearing so many points of views and at the same time hearing ones I never expect to hear made this very interesting to watch. Though there are some points I disagree with the artists on some things in the end I feel we have the same ideals where as companies should be telling the truth about their product instead of trying to distract us from it.

JoAnne Northrup Lecture 2

JoAnne was the curator of the next gallery expo showing students submitted digital media works. Before we went to the exhibit, she spoke of her life becoming a curator. She was finishing grad school for her art degree and really wanted to start curating. The problem was that it is really difficult to get in to that kind of work. She would get survival jobs and continue to submit her self to galleries to get work. Eventually she was able to be an assistant at a gallery and she climbed her way up to her goal. She selected my groups work to be shown in the exhibit she had placed in the Shephards gallery thanks to Joe Delappe for submitting our work. She discussed how much she enjoyed the new technology creating art. She liked it so much she gave Me Sam and David an award for our Machinima World of OZ. I was the only one there to receive the award and to be congratulated on our work. JoAnne said that our work was like a remaking of the original, bringing an old style classic and making it Modern. I was more than happy how our work was viewed by JoAnne and makes me think what else I can do for the next project.

Kiel Johnson Lecture 1

This artist probably speaks the most to me when it comes to his work. His attention to things isn't that sporadic as I thought but more of a memorial of his past work. His drawings on every single thing that he owned was his way, to me, saying hey remember my past work? But he did it in such a way that it wasn't over emphasizing every single piece but that as a whole. When he moved on to box cameras I felt like a child or something small moving in to a bigger world. Thanks to Kiel I feel like a kid again be surrounded by large cameras and wondering how do they work. His ideas moving on to Box Robots shows that he too listens to his inner child, and getting younger students to put so much effort into their work shows how much charisma this man has. To inspire so many students to put so much work and imagination in to their final product is just so inspiring to see. Kiel never seem to skip on the details, if he was remolding some thing out of cardboard and the original object had a flaw, you bet he would put that in to his work. It's good to know that he is willing to accept the flaws in some thing and try to remake it, doing so makes him seem like a down to earth kind of guy and a master artist if he can repeat what was originally done by accident. Kiel Johnson is an inspirational artist, he gains every one's attention and pulls their inner child to come out and play.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Critical Play 381 GameMaker- "Truth" Tagger

In Truth Tagger the objective is to get to different add's and build boards and tag the supposed truth on to them. The Character let's call it "Tagger" for my level has to avoid the Men in Green who hurt Tagger if they touch him. Tagger can avoid the Men in Green by jumping and flying with his to spray cans or Tagger can whip out his pepper spray and render them useless. Through out the level Tagger will have to find advertisements and add the truth with it altering the image. Each image will be altered with facts or thoughts on the advertisement. The Idea is to get people to think for themselves instead of having the advertisements do the thinking for them. Yes, some advertisements aren't that bad, but there are some that use scare tactics to sway the public's opinion, or to sell product with out telling what it does.

Box War Critical Play 381

For my avatar I wish to do one of two characters.
Super Mario but with some kind of Power up Suit. I was thinking more Retro and put in the Hammer Bros Power up instead. The thing is it's easy to mario as it is, I have the costume and it wouldn't be very fun doing mario regularly. I was also thinking of the Tanooki Suit Mario as well. As for my second idea, I don't have the body type for this character but it would be fun too. MegaMan
There are so many different types of MegaMan armor it would be fun to make. The Reason I Chose these 2 characters is because I wanted to make sure people would recognize the characters so that they know it's a video game character box war, not just some box war.