Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Noisy Plant

Final stage of the record junk player project.
Taking three records I made a flower petal shape. Then Mounting it on my found fake head and paste the scraps of records to the side like a leaf off the stem of the plant. Then taking a small motor fan and other parts of fan to mount the motor, I pasted cones with needles attached to them to the blades of the fan. Then I added a some new wiring to the fan and motor so I could control the speed the fan with a dimmer switch. Sadly the dimmer switch can't work with such a weak motor, so to slow the fan down I use the cones and cardboard to weigh it down. Doing so made the project a success and I call it NOISEY PLANT! Artist Statement: Noisy Plant By Paul Stufkosky Directions: 1: Make sure it is plugged in to a electric socket. 2: on the right side of the fan motor there is a tan switch that moves to three settings. Down is off, Mid section is on, Top is lowest power setting. Flip the switch to the middle position. 3: The fan will not move unless there is a jump start. Twist the fan in a quick motion clockwise to jump start the fan. 4: Repeat 2 and 3 if it does not move on it's own. 5: Enjoy Statement: I wanted to create a plant that actually made noise. Noisy Plant is a compilation of ideas of Tinguely and Marclay. Tinguely using records to make sculptures, along with found items, and use them other than their normal means. Marclay using records and the record player in ways where the record is making a different sound than what was originally intended. Making Noisy Plant is supposed to be that combination of ideas. By using items that I found and records I bought, I thought the most pleasing creation would be a plant. The plant was chosen because plants obviously don't make sounds. When the creation of the sculpture was in place, sound was the next. I wanted something that I could have technology mimic nature. So I bought a low priced fan to not just make noise, but to mimic the wind that would move a flower. Noisy Plant shows this mimicry and creates an illusion that records are grown from mother earth. If such a plant were to exists, I believe this is what it would look like and the sound it would make.