Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Class 381 project 1 Machinima reenactment The Wizard Of OZ, Because because because of all the wonderful things it does!

Team David, Samantha, and Paul are Using World of Warcraft to reenact The Wizard of Oz The Enter the Cowardly lion. The Area we plan to use is Stranglethorn Jungle. It seemed to act as the closest we could get in scenery. I searched every where the World of Warcraft looking for a suitable place and the only other place that came close was Darnassuss (a place where the night elves roamed).
I was able to get myself a demo verison of world of war craft and retrieve my Level 76 Orc Shaman to place camera man, I was able to film while flying. It made things a little bit harder though because the controls were too quick or too slow.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Final Work Second Life

Please forgive me for the lateness of the artist's notes but I feel I should post it any ways for people to see. This is not for the grade because I missed the cut off date. This is for my and for any one who is curious about what I made. The first was my real me put in to 2nd Life, it was a difficult matter due to my goatee and the placement of the light.
I wanted not just to get my face but get my face's skeleton structure right, leaving me with a little chin a sloping fore head. I wanted to keep the shadow under the chin to make my face stand out but there was too much shadow leaving this face too look like a mask if anything. My body structure I did not want to lie, I'm short and chubby and miss shaped in some areas. In the end, for a world for the fantastic looking people I would stand out more than any of the fantasy people, which is really wired considering how this is program was made to unique yet being you is the most unique of all.
My second part was the fantasy me, I wanted to depict myself as who I wanted to be. I always wanted a monkey tail and spiky hair, my favorite colors being red an blue, I made my self more masculine and even gave my self a stronger chin. The blue clothing and the tail were custom made and I kept my face. I wanted to put my self in a post apocolyptic fantasy era so I gave myself old weapons as well as new, and accessories.
Overall the experience was a tough one but rewarding one at that.