Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lecture 1: The View Without

Lecture 1: October 6, 2011 Lecture of “The View with Out” by Morgan McAuslan, and Jack Daws. Morgan McAuslan was the first to speak at the lecture Thursday night. His art works was using useless thrown away materials and make them useful in his art work. He’d gather materials from garbage can and collect them in his house hold. Morgan’s friends and family were concerned because this was turning into a bizarre collecting obsession. His art work however was more organized and well planned out. One of his pieces was an old wind mill from his home town reconstructed with paper. The detail was a lack of a better word was perfect and without touching the piece there would be no distinction between the two. Every Piece of the windmill was remade in to paper from the fan to the tiniest of screws. His other piece, “Burn Board”, was something out of a brilliant childlike mind. It had a reminiscent form one of the machine’s Pee Wee Herman had that would simply make him breakfast. It looked like it was made to do something productive but in a complicated matter, however in the end the piece resembled Wind Chimes without wind. Using his obsession with junk he created a windless wind chime. Jack Daws was next for the lecture; his demeanor spoke to the audience that he like to push the boundaries of what was appropriate art work and not really show that he cared. While it showed that he “crossed the line” on social issues his efforts weren’t meant to show a form of malice, but to see if it can be done. Such piece was a bleached form of the American Flag. This piece was derived of all color and shown to its basic shape without symbolic colors. This piece was considered a defacing of the American flag, but he did this again with the English flag. These pieces have shown the beauty of the form of these flags, and to show an understanding to the audience what a flag is without its color is. Another Piece was his Penny made of 18 karat Gold; Mr. Daws wanted to make something so unnoticed and make it valuable. He took this penny and put it in to the public’s circulation and waited to see if anyone noticed. When he got it back from a person in the east coast, he wanted to put it in his art show and just leave it on the floor tails’ side up with no artist commentary. What he wanted to see if people would pick it up or notice something that’s just unnoticeable. His work was showed more of human experimentation and it was a very interesting concept.

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